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Welcome to Kermodei Outdoors, thank you for taking the time to visit our site and having a look at what we can offer.


Kermodei Outdoors was founded by Dan who began his career teaching in the Outdoors and has spent many years developing his skills and expertise in this area. More recently he has started on a spiritual journey,  which has allowed him to also develop skills in healing and wellness. Creating Kermodei healing & wellbeing which offers an extending range of holistic services.

Dan has grown spiritually and has been guided by his totem animals and spirit guides. One of his predominant totem animals is the bear, 'which is reflected in the Kermodei logo'.

Bear symbolises the awakening of the unconscious and gives the power to restore harmony and balance. Restoration is at the heart of Kermodei and is reflected in all that we deliver.  

Here at Kermodei Outdoors we operate on several paths. We provide outdoor services such as Duke of Edinburgh award expedition training and assessments, journeys of self discovery through use of expeditions, woodland skills including Forest schools and wild camps.

We are an accredited training centre for SafeCert awards for First aid training, delivering courses to individuals,families, school children and staff, clubs and  businesses.  For those looking for professional development we offer team and personal development training.

For those of you ready to step on to a path of great inner discovery visit Kermodei healing & wellbeing for our holistic services or why not book on to one of our, nature healing and earth vibration Retreats.

Like the bear we journey in the outdoors restoring balance using nature and its elements, and allowing further healing and reflection and balance in the safety of our caves. 

We pride ourselves in guiding all those that use us on their journey to success and fulfilment. Kermodei Facilitators will create and deliver tailored programmes to meet you and your organisation specific needs.